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Medicare D - How NEBCO Can Help

NEBCO has been preparing for Medicare D for over two years. We are positioned like no other wholesale broker or third party administrator to provide you solutions. In conjunction with our carrier partner, we have applied to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to become a Prescription Drug Provider (PDP) for Medicare.
In fact, we believe we (in conjunction with our carrier partner) will be the only national PDP offered exclusively to employer groups and unions. This is significant because your clients will have access to a fully integrated solution for basic Part D and supplemental prescription coverage.

We can start by evaluating your client's benefit program to assist you in arranging a comprehensive Medicare D Program including:

  • enrolling in a Medicare D base plan
  • structuring a Medicare Part D Supplement to fill in the coverage gap
  • offering a Part D alternative Plan and applying for the subsidy.
In addition we offer end-to-end program arrangement that includes:
  • performing all enrollment communications and procedures
  • providing full-service benefits administration
  • offering superior customer service and an excellent track record of positive results.
NEBCO's Full Administration Includes:
  • Development Strategy and Recommendations
  • Plan Documents and Program filings
  • Retiree Communications
We will also:
  • Obtain Medicare ID numbers
  • Send letters of Creditable Coverage (retirees and CMS)
  • Assist with Medicare Part D Enrollment
  • Manage Medical Plan Enrollment
  • Provide ongoing Customer Care Center
  • Handle all Billing and Collections of Premiums
  • Develop a Customized Reporting Package

Enhancing Medicare Part D with our Supplement

NEBCO can help you enhance your retirees' prescription drug coverage under Medicare Part D by making available our Supplement. The advantages are:

  • Use our National PDP for Base Part D Benefits
  • Provide Supplemental "Coverage Gap" filler plan
  • Single administrator to integrate all benefits
  • Enrollment and Communications
  • Program reporting and tracking

Applying for the Federal Subsidy

NEBCO can help you enhance your retirees' prescription drug coverage under Medicare Part D by making available our Supplement. The advantages are:

  • Actuarial Attestation Assistance - we have in-house actuaries who can assist with the attestation.
  • Letters of Creditable Coverage to Retirees
  • Letter of Creditable Coverage to CMS
  • Assist with filing for the Subsidy
  • Program reporting and record keeping assistance

Advantages of working with NEBCO

  • NEBCO specializes in group benefit solutions for seniors and works with over 700 companies and nearly 70,000 retirees to provide and administer retiree benefits.
  • NEBCO in conjunction with its carrier partner is the only national, employer/union based PDP, making us uniquely positioned to provide solutions under Medicare D including:
    • Medicare D base plan administration
    • Medicare D supplemental coverage - including solutions to fill the Coverage Gap.
  • Seamless and accurate coordination of benefits by maintaining coverage administration through one benefits administrator.
  • Through its Customer Care Center, NEBCO deals with seniors every day on a variety of fronts (open enrollment, coverage calls, claims advocacy, etc.) and is sensitive to the issues and concerns facing seniors.
  • NEBCO conducts senior sensitivity training for all its Customer Care representatives who are interacting with and supporting seniors daily.
  • NEBCO is a consumer advocate for seniors - helping with coverage challenges and being an advocate on claims issues.

Contacting NEBCO

If you want to learn more about NEBCO's Medicare Part D strategies or general retiree medical issues, please contact us at 877.739.3330.

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